jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson etc. - Funniest First Wedding Dance - the bes...

Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson etc. - Funniest First Wedding Dance - the bes...

Wendding!! Tips..

An old wedding dress will make you look like Princess story, you will see very different from the rest
One of the most important elections for a wedding is the wedding dress, same that must be perfectly combined with the hairstyle, makeup, accessories, and footwear.

There are an enormous amount of designers, however, there are some people who dream of an old wedding dress, look, one that makes them feel a connection with the person who used it eighty, ninety or one hundred years ago.

An old wedding dress you will definitely be able see you completely different to the rest of the brides
Imagine one of these! You parecerás a Princess story
Unfortunately, there are very few old wedding dresses, this is due to that, until relatively recently, only from very rich families women had the possibility of marriage with a white dress, the rest usually did so with one black.

If you have an old dress into your family, consider yourself very lucky, now the only thing you have to do is adjust the dress to make it entirely to your needs.

Lots of lace that give this dress a very different style to the current
A beauty, if you have a wedding like this dress in your family, feel free to use it...I guarantee that this is the best option
But if not, do not get discouraged! Because you can still fulfill your dream of look like brides before.It is as easy as taking one of these photographs and take it to any dressmaker and you'll see how create you a beautiful replica that will make you look like brides of decades ago.
If you don't have an old dress, there is always the possibility of creating a replica, don't you think?
I assure you that a replica will also make look just as you dreamed
Remember to always combine it with styling of bride and the appropriate accessories. I can assure you that if you opt for one of these dresses, you will be very different from the other girlfriend.

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Skin cancer

Skin cancer


Skin cancer can occur anywhere on the body but is most common in skin that has been exposed to the
sun, like the face, neck, hands and arms.

The risk factors are:
  • Exposure to the sun and white skin (green or blue eyes, history of freckling).
  • Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the main fountains sunlight
  • Exposure to radiation as produced by the radiation
  • The damage and inflammation in severe or prolonged skin as severe burns often
  • The hereditary condition

  • Mild skin-tumor
  • Serious skin-tumor
  • Minor injuries (this can grow into a malignant tumor)
  • Often explore the moon.
  • Do not abuse the time of sun exposure in the first sessions of the summer or midday.
  • Use a good sunscreen of high rank, adapted to every skin type.
  • Always accessible clothing with which to cover at any given time.
  • Use the umbrella when you go to the beach-especially children-or shelter under the shade of a tree in the field or in the pool.

A memory about

Remember is to live
my childhood memories
remember that was very tremendous off girl always was breaking the ornaments of my grandmother and my sister was very Moaning but we had fun much.
ents of my grandmother and my sister was very Moaning but we had fun much.
Bahia de Cata (Edo. Aragua)

 I like travel with my family and  visiting new places.


 School.. in my school I liked learning and share with my friends

My friends

My school

My birthday's.. I always spend my birthday with my friends and family


Toys.. I remember waking just playing with my car.

My TV programs were the girl super powerful, tom y jerry, barney, cubito, the brother bananin and bananon, teletubies and barbie..


My house..

Carnivals in my house.
the first time I paint the mouth

My house my house always has been very big is of two floor in she live my fathers, my sister, my aunt, my cousins, my grandfathers and me.